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Change is a concept most Native Americans have come to grips with - whether over their land, culture, or identity . Despite this change, Native American communities have held on to their history through song. Filmmaker Sterlin Harjo explores the role of hymns in his native Muscogee tribe as he re-visits the mystifying disappearance of his grandfather. Offering a thoughtful look into the history of Native American song and hyms, This May Be The Last Time is a unique addition to university courses in Native American Studies, Religious Studies, and Music History.

"✮✮✮ Recommended" - Video Librarian


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Additional Film Info:

Director: Sterlin Harjo
Subjects: Anthropology, Art, Christianity, History, Music, Native American Studies,  Religious Studies 
Genres: Documentary
Type: Color
Year: 2014
Language: English
Length: 93 mins.